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Available Solana Clusters

Solana maintains several different clusters with different purposes.

Before you begin make sure you have first installed the Solana command line tools



  • Devnet serves as a playground for anyone who wants to take Solana for a test drive, as a user, token holder, app developer, or validator.
  • Application developers should target Devnet.
  • Potential validators should first target Devnet.
  • Key differences between Devnet and Mainnet Beta:
    • Devnet tokens are not real
    • Devnet includes a token faucet for airdrops for application testing
    • Devnet may be subject to ledger resets
    • Devnet typically runs the same software release branch version as Mainnet Beta, but may run a newer minor release version than Mainnet Beta.
  • Gossip entrypoint for Devnet: entrypoint.devnet.solana.com:8001
  • Metrics environment variable for Devnet:
export SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG="host=https://metrics.solana.com:8086,db=devnet,u=scratch_writer,p=topsecret"
  • RPC URL for Devnet: https://api.devnet.solana.com
Example solana command-line configuration
solana config set --url https://api.devnet.solana.com
Example solana-validator command-line
$ solana-validator \
--identity validator-keypair.json \
--vote-account vote-account-keypair.json \
--known-validator dv1ZAGvdsz5hHLwWXsVnM94hWf1pjbKVau1QVkaMJ92 \
--known-validator dv2eQHeP4RFrJZ6UeiZWoc3XTtmtZCUKxxCApCDcRNV \
--known-validator dv4ACNkpYPcE3aKmYDqZm9G5EB3J4MRoeE7WNDRBVJB \
--known-validator dv3qDFk1DTF36Z62bNvrCXe9sKATA6xvVy6A798xxAS \
--only-known-rpc \
--ledger ledger \
--rpc-port 8899 \
--dynamic-port-range 8000-8020 \
--entrypoint entrypoint.devnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint2.devnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint3.devnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint4.devnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint5.devnet.solana.com:8001 \
--expected-genesis-hash EtWTRABZaYq6iMfeYKouRu166VU2xqa1wcaWoxPkrZBG \
--wal-recovery-mode skip_any_corrupted_record \

The --known-validators are operated by Solana Labs


  • Testnet is where the Solana core contributors stress test recent release features on a live cluster, particularly focused on network performance, stability and validator behavior.
  • Testnet tokens are not real
  • Testnet may be subject to ledger resets.
  • Testnet includes a token faucet for airdrops for application testing
  • Testnet typically runs a newer software release branch than both Devnet and Mainnet Beta
  • Gossip entrypoint for Testnet: entrypoint.testnet.solana.com:8001
  • Metrics environment variable for Testnet:
export SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG="host=https://metrics.solana.com:8086,db=tds,u=testnet_write,p=c4fa841aa918bf8274e3e2a44d77568d9861b3ea"
  • RPC URL for Testnet: https://api.testnet.solana.com
Example solana command-line configuration
solana config set --url https://api.testnet.solana.com
Example solana-validator command-line
$ solana-validator \
--identity validator-keypair.json \
--vote-account vote-account-keypair.json \
--known-validator 5D1fNXzvv5NjV1ysLjirC4WY92RNsVH18vjmcszZd8on \
--known-validator dDzy5SR3AXdYWVqbDEkVFdvSPCtS9ihF5kJkHCtXoFs \
--known-validator Ft5fbkqNa76vnsjYNwjDZUXoTWpP7VYm3mtsaQckQADN \
--known-validator eoKpUABi59aT4rR9HGS3LcMecfut9x7zJyodWWP43YQ \
--known-validator 9QxCLckBiJc783jnMvXZubK4wH86Eqqvashtrwvcsgkv \
--only-known-rpc \
--ledger ledger \
--rpc-port 8899 \
--dynamic-port-range 8000-8020 \
--entrypoint entrypoint.testnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint2.testnet.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint3.testnet.solana.com:8001 \
--expected-genesis-hash 4uhcVJyU9pJkvQyS88uRDiswHXSCkY3zQawwpjk2NsNY \
--wal-recovery-mode skip_any_corrupted_record \

The identities of the --known-validators are:

  • 5D1fNXzvv5NjV1ysLjirC4WY92RNsVH18vjmcszZd8on - Solana Labs
  • dDzy5SR3AXdYWVqbDEkVFdvSPCtS9ihF5kJkHCtXoFs - MonkeDAO
  • Ft5fbkqNa76vnsjYNwjDZUXoTWpP7VYm3mtsaQckQADN - Certus One
  • eoKpUABi59aT4rR9HGS3LcMecfut9x7zJyodWWP43YQ - SerGo
  • 9QxCLckBiJc783jnMvXZubK4wH86Eqqvashtrwvcsgkv - Algo|Stake

Mainnet Beta

A permissionless, persistent cluster for Solana users, builders, validators and token holders.

  • Tokens that are issued on Mainnet Beta are real SOL
  • Gossip entrypoint for Mainnet Beta: entrypoint.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001
  • Metrics environment variable for Mainnet Beta:
export SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG="host=https://metrics.solana.com:8086,db=mainnet-beta,u=mainnet-beta_write,p=password"
  • RPC URL for Mainnet Beta: https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com
Example solana command-line configuration
solana config set --url https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com
Example solana-validator command-line
$ solana-validator \
--identity ~/validator-keypair.json \
--vote-account ~/vote-account-keypair.json \
--known-validator 7Np41oeYqPefeNQEHSv1UDhYrehxin3NStELsSKCT4K2 \
--known-validator GdnSyH3YtwcxFvQrVVJMm1JhTS4QVX7MFsX56uJLUfiZ \
--known-validator DE1bawNcRJB9rVm3buyMVfr8mBEoyyu73NBovf2oXJsJ \
--known-validator CakcnaRDHka2gXyfbEd2d3xsvkJkqsLw2akB3zsN1D2S \
--only-known-rpc \
--ledger ledger \
--rpc-port 8899 \
--private-rpc \
--dynamic-port-range 8000-8020 \
--entrypoint entrypoint.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint2.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint3.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint4.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
--entrypoint entrypoint5.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
--expected-genesis-hash 5eykt4UsFv8P8NJdTREpY1vzqKqZKvdpKuc147dw2N9d \
--wal-recovery-mode skip_any_corrupted_record \

The above four --known-validators are operated by Solana Labs.