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System Design Proposals

Changes to the Solana architecture are performed through a public proposal process (via pull requests) on the Solana GitHub repository. New proposals should be submitted with the "Submit a Design Proposal" guide below.

There are currently two different states of these design proposals:

  1. Accepted Proposals
  2. Implemented Proposals

Accepted Proposals

These architectural proposals have been accepted by the Solana team, but are not yet fully implemented.

Each proposal may be implemented as described, implemented differently as issues in the designs become evident, or not implemented at all. If implemented, the proposal will be moved to Implemented Proposals and the details will be added to relevant sections of the docs.

Implemented Proposals

These architectural proposals have been accepted and implemented by the Solana team.

Any designs that may be subject to future change are noted in their specific proposal page.

Submit a Design Proposal

To submit a new design proposal for Solana:

  1. Propose a design by creating a PR that adds a markdown document to the docs/src/proposals directory.
  2. Add any relevant Solana maintainers to the PR review.
  3. Publish the PR for community review and feedback.

NOTE: All people submitting PRs to the Solana repo should consult the CONTRIBUTING doc in the repo.

After Accepted

Once a design proposal has been accepted, the PR will be merged into the master branch of the Solana repo. This also signifies the maintainers support your plan of attack.

NOTE: The merging of the PR will automatically create a link in the "Accepted Proposals" table of contents sidebar. Once approved, continue to submit PRs that implement the proposal. When the implementation reveals the need for tweaks to the proposal, be sure to update the "accepted proposal" document and have these change reviewed by the same approving maintainers.

After Implemented

After a proposal has been fully implemented into the Solana architecture, a PR should be created to perform the following:

  1. Move the newly implemented proposal file from docs/src/proposals to docs/src/implemented-proposals
  2. Create a new redirect in the to redirect the old accepted proposal page to the new implemented-proposal page
  3. Publish the PR

NOTE: Moving the proposal document into the implemented-proposals directory will automatically move the link in the "Accepted Proposals" table of contents sidebar to the "Implemented Proposals" sidebar.